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Training Trial Staff

Training Trial Staff

Training Trial Staff Overview

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Top 5 Training Trial Staff Tips


Clearly, staff need to be trained. How best to do that remains unclear.


With regard to people doing recruitment, there is some evidence that training improves recruiters’ self-confidence and communication skills. Whether this leads to improved recruitment is far from clear.


The evidence available to inform many trial management decisions, including staff training, is very thin. If you are uncertain about a decision, consider initiating or joining a Trial Forge evaluation of the options you are considering.


More to come: keep checking the site…


More to come: keep checking the site…

More About Training Trial Staff

An efficient, well-trained trial team can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of a trial. The team itself will be decided by the needs of each trial, but in general it should include a Trial Manager, Statistician, Programmer, Data Manager and Clerks, Administrative Staff, Research Nurses and other trial specific staff, examples include Health Economists and Ethicists. All staff involved in trial activities should be trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Alongside appropriate GCP training, trial staff should be given adequate training in procedures specific to the trial; data collection through use of an electronic case report form for example, as well as in regulations specific to the centre; approvals processes for example. Training should be sufficient to ensure the trial is run consistently throughout multiple centres.


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