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How to decide which ethnic groups your trial needs

The STRIDE project involved discussion in late 2022/early 2023 with ten panels of public contributors, trialists, health professionals and others.  These panels discussed a total of 23 trials with the aim of saying which ethnic groups the trials needed to include and what proportion of the trial population they should be.

While considering a particular trial, panels sometimes provided advice on how a trial team might have answered the question about the ethnic groups to be included.  Additionally, having listened to ideas and suggestions from many individuals and panels across multiple trials and disease areas, the STRIDE team itself reflected on what might be useful advice for trial teams grappling with how to decide which ethnic groups their trial needs. 

This led to eight recommendations (click here to download)  We’ve also given the recommendations in brief below, together with the key messages from this work.  

These are v1.1 of the recommendations (updated 10th August 2023) and we’re releasing them because a) we think they might be useful but also b) because we are keen to get comments and feedback on them sooner rather than later.  If you’d like to get in touch, contact us on 



This work been funded by Scotland’s Chief Scientist Office.


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