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Studies Within A Trial (SWATs) are a good way of generating evidence to support trial process decision-making. SWATs are designing to be replicated, which means it's important to have some focus otherwise we end up with lots of single evaluations that don't really provide much certainty [...]
The Trial Forge SWAT Centre (University of York) in conjunction with the Trial Forge SWAT Network have recently been working to develop resources on the design and delivery of Studies Within A Trial (SWATs). These include a range of resources (animations, infographics and flow diagrams) on [...]
When conducting research, it is crucial that the knowledge generated is disseminated and shared with the people who can use it to improve care and outcomes. This is known as knowledge mobilisation. Whilst lots of research is published in academic journals only a small percentage actually [...]
Professor Vicki Goodwin at Exeter University has led work to develop best practice recommendations on including older people in health and social care research based on the NIHR INCLUDE framework. Older people are a broad heterogenous group, ranging from healthy individuals to those with severe health [...]
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