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Trial Forge Centres

What is a Trial Forge Centre?

A Trial Forge Centre is a centre that has demonstrated expertise and capacity in trial methodology work that aims to improve trial efficiency. For example, work on resource planning, improving decisions about the choice of recruitment and retention strategy, which outcomes are selected, how data are collected, how missing data are handled, or how trial results are presented to stakeholders. A Trial Forge Centre will usually be based in a department at a university, research institute or hospital although there may be other types of centre too. We’d anticipate that a centre would have at least three people working in trial methodology at least one of whom is permanent staff so as to give some sustainability to the Centre. It should be possible to say that the Centre has a focus on a handful of methodology topics (or just one), rather than a long list of interests. Having more than one centre with the same focus is fine so long as they talk to each other.

You can read more about what a Trial Forge Centre is, and see the full list of Centres, including the latest, the Health Research Board Clinical Research Facility, University College Cork, Ireland, by downloading this document
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