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Department of Clinical Research, University of Basel, Switzerland

As leading institution for the promotion of academic clinical research, we stand for the partnership-based collaboration between clinical researchers and experts from all disciplines. We are committed to a scientific culture that creates the basis for evidence-based patient care of the future with the highest degree of innovation and quality.

As the Department of Clinical Research (DKF), we are the youngest unit of the Medical Faculty at the University of Basel and a member of the national cooperation platform Swiss Clinical Trial Organization (SCTO). We are based at the University Hospital Basel and support over 130 research groups from almost all medical disciplines with an interdisciplinary team of around 50 experts.

We offer a wide range of advice and services for the planning and implementation of clinical studies as well as various training options suitable for all employees in academic patient-oriented research. In addition, we continuously carry out innovation work at regional and national level to further develop and build new research infrastructures and host two research groups with a focus on improving research methodology

The research group leaders, Prof Matthias Briel and PD Dr Lars Hemkens, drive the methodological research agenda of the Basel Trial Forge Centre with a focus on resource planning, use of routine and cohort data, participant recruitment, and risk-based management of clinical trials.

They recently initiated the Swiss clinical Trials Empirical Assessment & Methods (STEAM) Working Group to facilitate collaborative projects aiming to improve the Swiss clinical trial environment.


Below we list some resources which we hope you might find useful:

If you want to know what a Study Within A Trial is this document tells you and gives some practical tips on what to do.  You can also nuig-tmrn-trial-forge-flyer-cd020919-print.

How do we decide if we need another evaluation of a SWAT intervention? This guidance document tells you.
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