Canadian Trial Forge webinar: Your study was stopped due to COVID-19– Practical considerations
Webinar, Canada

Speaker: Michelle Kho and Shaun Treweek

This will be the first Trial Forge webinar from the McMaster Trial Forge Centre.  The general outline will be:

  1. Many universities, including McMaster stopped new enrolments to all ongoing clinical research studies, unless COVID-19 related. Trialists and research coordinators were forced to make many pragmatic decisions about how to manage participants already enrolled in their studies. Participant retention concerns come to the forefront.
  2. Intro to Trial Forge, PRIORITY 1, and PRIORITY 2. Discuss retention evidence and proposed next steps.
  3. Case report of CYCLE RCT, an international study of in-bed cycling, and actions by methods centre.
  4. Discussion, Q & A.
  5. Key take home points for researchers and research coordinators/ trial managers

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