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Designing pragmatic randomised trials


Designing pragmatic randomised trials

Webinar, Belgium

Speaker: Shaun Treweek

This talk forms part of a hybrid workshop called ‘The role of Pragmatic Trials for an international academic clinical research agenda’ open to the whole EORTC network ( with external input and expertise.  The ultimate objective is for EORTC to further develop and position its scientific agenda with respect to pragmatic trials, taking into account how it can contribute to the greater global ecosystem.

EORTC has been conducting prospective clinical research programs and related projects across tumors in a multidisciplinary fashion with the objective of improving survival and quality of life of cancer patients. EORTC’s activities span across more than 30 countries and 2,800 investigators. Roughly 3,000 new patients enter the EORTC research programs on a yearly basis. EORTC programs have been changing practice based on robust, methodologically sound methodologies but we also conduct other research programs such as observation cohorts. EORTC also addresses rare tumors and specific populations such as Older Adults as well as clinical situations where entry on clinical trials may be an extra challenge.

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