Whose Participant Information Leaflet is it anyway? Do we tell potential trial participants what they want to know or what we want to tell them?
Webinar, UK

Speaker: Lynn Laidlaw and Shaun Treweek

This will be a talk at the NHS R&D Forum Non-commercial sponsors meeting, which will probably be held online on 9th December 2020.  The discussion will build on a recent twitter discussion about what potential and actual participants need by way of information, and what they get:

Providing important information that potential participants need to make a decision is what these documents should contain, as done in RECOVERY. Sadly, they often devote a lot of space to issues important to the sponsor and largely irrelevant to the participant.’

Together Lynn (a patient and public partner) and Shaun (a researcher) will present what we know about what participants want from trial information and things we can do to make sure this is what they receive, while at the same time not causing problems for sponsors.

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