Recruitment & retention– training webinar (UKTMN)
Webinar, UK

Speaker: Nic Harman and Shaun Treweek

This is a training webinar for the UK Trial Managers’ Network.  The outline is:

Course Tutors: Dr Nic Harman (Research Associate, University of Liverpool) & Prof. Shaun Treweek (Professor of Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen)

Summary: Recruitment and retention is a long-standing issue within clinical trials. By recognising issues early-on in the lifecycle of a trial, delays and obstacles to completing the trial on time and on budget can be avoided.

This course will provide delegates with a background to problems with recruitment and retention in clinical trials, and practical solutions to proactively solve issues before they are established.

A lack of evidence as to the solutions to recruitment and retention problems within clinical trials means that strategies are used repeatedly, without knowing they work and without considerations as to the cost, resource and time implications. This course will highlight ways in which this can be improved within trial management to better inform methodology for future trials.

Session 1: 1 hour

Icebreaker: 15 minutes

Plenary: 45 minutes

  • Scene setting – what do we know about problems with recruitment and retention in clinical trials?
  • What evidence do we have to support what we know?
  • Timeline of a trial – when can problems be identified, and what does this mean for the success of the trial?
  • Considerations for resource and costs to implementing resolutions to problems
  • How to involve the wider trial team i.e. data management, statistics etc.

Break: 15 minutes

Session 2: 1 hour

Delegates use issues submitted prior to training to discuss solutions and challenges

Delegates split into workshop ‘rooms’

“Troubleshooting” clinic – an interactive session to solve recruitment and retention issues in current trials managed by delegates. Putting into practice the information and ideas from the morning session.

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