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The Implement SWATs project


The Implement SWATs project

Webinar, UK

Speaker: Adwoa Parker

This talk is part of the Trial Methodology Research Partnership webinar programme.

IMPLEMENT SWATs: Using IMPLEMENTation science and Studies Within A Trial to improve evidence-informed participant recruitment and retention in randomised controlled trials

Trials are the best way to test how effective health treatments are. However, fewer than half of all trials fail to recruit enough participants, and many participants drop out once they are recruited. These problems with recruitment and retention cause huge amounts of research waste that has been described as a scandal. Poor recruitment and retention have a human cost, too. A study of a COVID-19 trial found that every 50-day delay in completion due to slow recruitment or retention led to ~450 more deaths in the UK alone. This webinar will discuss ‘Study Within A Trial’ (SWAT) methodology and how it can be used in conjunction with implementation science to increase the use of evidence-based strategies for recruiting and retaining participants in trials.

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