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Retention in trials: a theory-based cover letter

Cover letter imageRetention is in the Top 3 of trialists’ worries.

We’re running an evaluation of a theory-based cover letter that is sent together with your questionnaire(s) that are being used to collect trial outcome data at the moment.  It’s a simple and cheap intervention and has shown benefit in an earlier trial.  There’s a template to prepare the letter, which is very straightforward to use.

What we want to do now is test it in a wider range of trials and participant groups and collate the results through Trial Forge.  The results would then go into the Cochrane review of interventions to improve recruitment (

The registration is on the SWAT database (

Trial Forge also has a bundle of extra materials that we can send groups interested in using the intervention.  The extra information includes text that you could put into an ethics submission, or a grant proposal.

Get in touch if you’d like more information.




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