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What are the most important research questions in trial recruitment?

PRIORITY logoPrioritising recruitment research

Randomised trials are extremely important but recruiting participants can be extremely hard.  High quality evidence to make recruitment less of a challenge is thin on the ground, which is odd given how central successful recruitment is to trials.

The PRIORITY (Prioritising recruitment in randomised trials) project aims to collect a wide range of views on what the most important research questions are in trial recruitment.  A survey is now open across Ireland and the UK, giving everyone the chance to submit their questions about recruitment to randomised controlled trials.

The process is very similar to a James Lind Alliance (JLA; priority setting process, unsurprising since JLA is one of the partners behind the recruitment survey.  Trial Forge is also involved.  Once we have collected enough answers to the survey, we will begin a process of putting them in order of priority for future research. The end result will be a “Top 10” list of priorities for future research into the way people join trials, all or some of which we will promote through Trial Forge.

The survey is at

More information about the PRIORITY project is at




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