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Managing & Monitoring Trial Sites


Managing & Monitoring Trial Sites Overview

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Top 5 Managing & Monitoring Trial Sites Tips


Efficient trial management starts with efficient design. It’s important that trial managers are involved in trial design and costing.


The evidence available to inform many trial management decisions is very thin. If you are uncertain about a decision, consider initiating or joining a Trial Forge evaluation of the options you are considering.


Worth sending out a senior investigator to a site if recruitment is flagging? Some suggestion that the answer is yes but needs much more evaluation. See SWAT 1.


More to come: keep checking the site…


More to come: keep checking the site…

More About Managing & Monitoring Trial Sites

The monitoring of a trial is one of the key activities undertaken as part of the trial’s management. Whether management functions are contracted out to third parties or kept in-house, formal processes should be in place to ensure oversight of trial activities. Duties here may include assessing that individuals are appropriately qualified and competent to perform delegated functions, ensuring all parties are aware of their delegated roles and responsibilities, and maintaining open lines of communication to ensure activities are being performed as expected. Staff morale will undoubtedly waiver throughout difficult processes such as during difficult recruitment times, and this should be monitored closely.


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