Motivating Trial Staff


January 26, 2016

We’re working on this section. For now, have a look at: The UK has a big network of trial managers, the UK Trial Managers’ Network. It has produced a free guide to efficient trial management. The Studies Within A Trial (SWAT) database hosted by Queen’s …

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Top 5 Motivating Trial Staff Tips


Clearly, staff need to be motivated. How best to do that remains unclear.


With regard to people doing recruitment, a workshop looking at priorities for methodology research had staff training (which might be motivational) and incentives (which we might assume are motivational) as two of its top three priorities.


The evidence available to inform many trial management decisions, including staff motivation, is very thin. If you are uncertain about a decision, consider initiating or joining a Trial Forge evaluation of the options you are considering.


More to come: keep checking the site…


More to come: keep checking the site…

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