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Obtain Funding


Obtain Funding Overview

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  • There is a free tool to support trial funding, called, imaginatively, the Trial Funding Tool is one of many tools available from one of the Norwegian Cochrane sites. Scroll right down to get the to Trial Funding Tool. It’s getting a bit old now but has some useful material in it.

Top 5 Obtain Funding Tips


Make sure you get enough. Trials are expensive.


With regard to people doing recruitment, a workshop looking at priorities for methodology research had staff training (which might be motivational) and incentives (which we might assume are motivational) as two of its top three priorities.


More to come: keep checking the site…


More to come: keep checking the site…


More to come: keep checking the site…

More About Obtain Funding

Obtaining funding is key; without funding there is no trial. In order to secure funding for a randomised trial, the majority of trial teams outside the pharmaceutical industry must submit a grant application to a funding body such as the Medical Research Council (MRC) or National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). A successful grant application is able to adequately explain why testing your specific hypothesis is interesting and/or important. You should be able to provide preliminary data to support the feasibility of your planned experimental approach, and you should be able to demonstrate that your training and research environment(s) are able to meet the needs of the planned work.


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