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INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework: Recruiting everyone to our trials


INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework: Recruiting everyone to our trials

Webinar, UK

Speaker: Talia Isaacs, Shaun Treweek

This is a webinar for the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit.

INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework: Recruiting everyone to our trials.

What to expect from this seminar:

In 2020, the NIHR launched the INCLUDE initiative for trials, requiring researchers applying to the Health Technology Assessment Programme to explicate in their funding applications whether and how they have addressed the inclusion of under-served groups, the support or resource needed to support their inclusion efforts, and so forth. The INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework provides trial teams with guiding questions and worksheets in considering one factor that is relevant to increasing the inclusion and diversity of trials—ethnicity. This presentation discusses the development of the Framework, demonstrating how it can be used through worked-up examples of phase 3 trials. Our intention is to encourage trial teams to reflect on the aspects of trial design and interventions that could work against trial participation for some members of the target population in view of making trials more accessible, improving their external validity, and, ultimately, ensuring their applicability and relevance for all members of the target population.

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