Reducing research waste: how Studies Within a Trial (SWATs) can improve the evidence base for doing trials better
Southampton, UK

Speaker: Adwoa Parker

Presenter: Dr Adwoa Parker, Research Fellow and Lead, Trial Forge SWATs Centre, The University of York.

Abstract: Despite randomised controlled trials being the fairest method for testing healthcare treatments, there is little evidence about how to do them properly. This leads to a scandalous amount of research waste, and leads to potential ethical problems.

This presentation will begin with an overview of the need to produce better evidence to improve the efficiency of doing trials. It will then describe Studies Within A trial (SWATs) as an important method for addressing this problem. It will outline the programme of work at the York Trial Forge SWATs Centre, which aims to improve the efficiency of doing trials and ultimately reduce research waste. The final part of this talk will involve an open group discussion about potential areas to focus on for future research aimed at reducing waste and improving the efficiency of trials funded by the NIHR.

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