The INCLUDE Ethnicity and other Frameworks to improve trial diversity
Webinar, UK

Speaker: Shaun Treweek

Randomised trials are important but they often don’t involve some of the people who have most to gain from better treatment.

This webinar, part of the International PPI Network: Learning Live webinar series, will include Shaun Treweek discussing the NIHR INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework, a tool to help trial teams think more carefully about the ethnic groups their trial needs, and how the trial may need to change to enable them to take part. In addition to improving trials, this should also help those summarising trial evidence (e.g. systematic reviewers) to be able to better assess the applicability of trial evidence for all groups in society, not just some.

Makeida Stubbs, Clinical Trial Diversity Lead, Pfizer, will then present work being done by Pfizer to ensure that there is equitable representation in the trials they design and run.

Shaun’s slides can be downloaded here.

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