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Trial Forge Evidence Packs and repackaging systematic reviews


Trial Forge Evidence Packs and repackaging systematic reviews

Webinar, Ireland

Speaker: Shaun Treweek

This talk is part of the Evidence Synthesis Ireland webinar series.

Systematic reviews are key to evidence-informed decisions but can be a long and challenging read. Working in trial methods, Trial Forge work done a few years ago found that most trial designers were unaware of systematic reviews on what might improve recruitment. The same is no doubt true for other trial processes.

What the people we spoke really wanted was information on what is it, does it work and should I use it. This was the basis for Trial Forge Evidence packs, which take their starting point in systematic reviews but then provide key information in a simple 2-page standard format. The packs also provide resources to support implementation and evaluation of the intervention.

This talk will describe Trial Forge Evidence Packs and discuss ways in which they are being linked to systematic reviews and other resources to provide a simpler way for people to get up-to-date best evidence on intervention effects.

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