Using Studies Within a Trial (SWATs) to increase the evidence base for trial recruitment and retention decision-making
Portland, USA

Speaker: Shaun Treweek, Andrew Cook, Adel El Feky, Heidi Gardner, Katie Gillies, Jeremy Grimshaw, Spencer Hey

This is a workshop at the Society of Clinical Trials annual meeting, to be held 20th – 23rd May (date to be confirmed) at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower. 921 SW Sixth Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204, USA.

This interactive workshop will present the current state-of-the-art in the science of recruitment and retention and also introduce a key tool in the methods evaluation armoury– the Study Within A Trial (SWAT).  We will explain the need for coordinated and collaborative work so that trustworthy evidence is generated in a few years not decades as is currently the case.  We will consider what the opportunities, challenges, barriers and enablers are to routinely evaluating recruitment and retention interventions in ongoing trials, including interventions that are widely used but have little or no evidence of benefit to support their use.  We will provide a funder perspective.

This workshop will give participants a chance to expand their understanding of knowledge regarding trial recruitment and retention, understand the importance of coordination and collaboration to meaningful improvements in the evidence base, as well as explore their own ideas regarding priorities for methodology research in recruitment and retention.  We hope that many participants will collaborate in an evaluation of a SWAT developed by them during the workshop.

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