Webinar: Increasing the trial process evidence base without increasing research waste
Webinar, Ireland

Speaker: Shaun Treweek

Register for the webinar at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CcuDYBu_T9mwHBhiKVefQA.

There are a lot of gaps in trial process evidence– e.g. what are the most effective ways to recruit and retain participants, what’s the best way to collect data for my trial, how should we select sites, how should we share the results?  Studies Within A Trial (SWATs) are one way of filling these gaps.  SWATs are made for replication: in other words, we need to evaluate a SWAT intervention in several trials.

Doing SWAT replication studies is necessary.  But when should we stop?  But what we don’t want to do is to generate research waste while doing SWATs to try and reduce it.

This talk will present the problem and a potential solution based on Trial Forge guidance (https://www.researchsquare.com/article/94854a88-d672-450d-b31a-b983828ccf49/v1).

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