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Eight recommendations on how to decide which ethnic groups your trial needs

The STRIDE project has come up with eight recommendations for trial teams grappling with how to decide which ethnic groups their trial needs.  The recommendations came as a result of discussions with panels of public contributors, trialists, health professionals and others.

Some of the key messages include the fact that decisions need to be made by the trial team together with people from diverse ethnic communities with lived experience of the disease or condition, as well as professionals with experience of treating the disease or condition. When a trial team cannot reach a conclusion regarding the ethnic groups needed, STRIDE suggests including ethnic groups in at least the same proportion found among the population of people with the condition targeted by the trial. And where these data does not exist or cannot be obtained, to include ethnic groups at the same proportion as is found in the most recent census data. Additionally, trial sites need to be placed as close to the places where people in the needed ethnic groups live.

The eight STRIDE recommendations

More information can be found here:

This is only v1.0 of the recommendations and we are keen to get comments and feedback on them. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us on



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