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Staff training to improve participant recruitment into surgical randomised trials

SWAT: 111

Objective of this SWAT:

To evaluate the feasibility of undertaking a SWAT of a recruitment training intervention for staff recruiting participants into surgical trials, across multiple host trials, to answer:
1. Can we recruit multiple surgical host trials to undertake the training SWAT simultaneously?
2. Can we enrol recruiting staff to the SWAT and follow them up?
3. Are recruiting staff in the intervention group likely to attend the face-to-face training course?
4. Is the training intervention acceptable?
5. Does the training impact staff confidence with RCT recruitment?
6. Can we collect recruitment data?
7. What is the likely impact of the training on recruitment rates?


In Progress


Please click the links below to access the registered protocol or SWAT download bundle which includes: 1) SWAT Intervention; 2) SWAT initial results publication
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