Answering PRIORITY 1, how we can embed clinical trials in routine care: a focus on pragmatic clinical trials
Webinar, Ireland

Speaker: Frances Shiely, Sandra Eldridge, Alison Howie, Kirsty Loudon, Alistair Nichol, Monica Taljaard, Shaun Treweek, Merrick Zwarenstein,

How we can routinely embed clinical trials in routine care is a key unanswered question in trials methodology research. This event focuses on pragmatic clinical trials and we are delighted to welcome international experts in this area, all of who are part of the PRECIS-2 (PRagmatic Explanatory Continuum Indicator Summary) development team. They will discuss the explanatory-pragmatic continuum, bias in a pragmatic trial, how to measure pragmatism, and present findings on claims of pragmatism from 415 self-declared pragmatic clinical trials. Prof Alistair will then discuss embedding trials in the healthcare system. We will listen to speakers and have an open question and answer session with the panel of speakers.

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