Trial Forge: open working group meeting
Brighton, UK

Speaker: Matthias Briel, Declan Devane, Kerry Hood, Michelle Kho, Adwoa Parker, Stefania Pirosca, David Torgerson, Shaun Treweek and Matt Westmore

Trial Forge meeting, Brighton 2019
Sunday 6th October 13.00 – 17.30

Program now ready! (see below)

Email info@trialforge.org to say you’d like to come (and to get a coffee and a snack..)

To take advantage of so many trial methodologists, trial managers, statisticians, data managers, trialists, chief investigators and others being in Brighton for ICTMC (https://ictmc2019.com), we’re going to hold a Trial Forge meeting on Sunday 6th October.  This isn’t part of ICTMC so you don’t need to register for ICTMC to attend the Trial Forge meeting.   That said, ICTMC is a fabulous conference so go if you can.

This will be the first of an ongoing series of free, open Trial Forge meetings intended to initiate, discuss and develop ideas for priority research work that aims to improve the evidence-base for trial process decision-making.  The meeting will be a mix of plenary, participant-led discussion and small group work.   

The anticipated size of the meeting is around 60 participants mainly from the UK but with some international participation.  The expected outputs are new, collaborative ideas for how to support evidence-based trial process decision-making in the UK and elsewhere.  We anticipate that several new research initiatives will be launched at the meeting, with teams then looking for external funding where necessary.  The meeting will also disseminate existing knowledge about effective and evidence-based trial process decision-making.  

Download the program as a pdf





















Speakers include:

Matthias BrielMatthias Briel, Switzerland: to discuss opportunities for collaborative work on recruitment projections and trial resource planning.





Declan DevaneDeclan Devane, Ireland: to discuss how Trial Forge can work with the Trial Methodology Research Network, Ireland.





Michelle Kho, Canada: to discuss work on SWATs planned in Canada.





Shaun Treweek, UK: to introduce Trial Forge and outline how we can all work together to improve trial efficiency.





Matt Westmore, UK: to discuss areas with shared goals between NIHR and Trial Forge.

More details will be made available throughout the year.

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