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Developing a standardised set of site performance metrics

Site performance imageHow do we know if a site is performing well?

We are all interested in trial site performance.  Julie Turzanski, Diane Whitham and Leila Duley at the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit are leading a project to  improve trial efficiency by agreeing a standardised set of metrics for monitoring site performance.  The project will also create a tool for presenting the metrics to trial mangers, Trial Management Groups and Trial Steering Committees.

Clearly this needs agreement as to what metrics are important.  The starting point will be the literature, followed by focus groups and a Delphi survey and will end with a consensus meeting.

The project team would also like to invite two experienced trial managers to assist with the project, particularly linked to designing the Delphi survey and sharing their expertise.  If you would be interested please email with a brief outline of your suitability.   The closing date for expressions of interest is 26th Oct 2016. A project outline is available here.




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